Gregory Taylor

Exhibition was on view from May 25th – June 22nd, 2010

Exhibition Description & Artist Statement

As an artist, Taylor is as much interested in the artwork itself as he is in the viewers reaction to it. His contemporary approach to painting, as exhibited in Polyops, explored physical movements and subconscious interactions that occur as viewers contemplate and comprehend his works of art. The viewers placement, presence, and physical movements were subtly influenced by each piece on display, as each work begged the observers to proximate themselves in such a way as to bring out the desired image and conceptual message. Throughout this process, repetitive dance-like motions subconsciously culminated. As a relationship between the painting, the observer, and the artist was bridged, these subliminal performances became an equal part of the exhibition and completed both the work on display and the observers overall understanding of it.

About the Artist

Gregory Taylor was a senior at Appalachian State University, working towards a Bachelors of Fine Art in painting. Originally a broadcasting major, he was accepted into ASU's art program in his junior year. Since then, he exhibited in Renditions: Drawing from Life at the PSU Looking Glass Gallery in Spring 2010. He later was hard at work developing his unique approach to painting, drawing inspiration from many disparate sources. In Polyops, Taylor was developing artistic notions drawn from Euclidean geometry, existentialist philosophy, pop culture, eastern rite Catholicism, and the developing field of relational art. He looked forward to developing the principles discovered in the making of the pieces in this show and applying them to larger, elaborate installations.

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