So Pretty It Hurts

Erin Dobbins & Kurt Eltz

Exhibition was on view from November 30th – December 12th, 2010

Exhibition Description & Artist Statements

Dobbins and Eltz pursued independent paths with their work, yet were both intrigued by the psychology of dress. This commonality of ideas inspired them to work together for their BFA senior studio exhibition, So Pretty It Hurts. Dobbins and Eltz were interested in exploring the fashion industry by applying fibers, found materials, and mixed media to create their own dress forms in response to contemporary viewpoints of self-image and the human body. Another interest they shared was exploring the so-called faux pas and uppity character of the stereotypical fashion world. Dobbins and Eltz were curious about expounding on their fiber-based backgrounds by staging false productions, as each artist took on the fictional persona of a top fashion designer, mimicking conventional ideas of haute couture. The resulting exhibition was an installation that placed the viewer within a fictitious cotouriers showroom where works of art by Dobbins and Eltz were on display. Surrounded by mirrors and an inviting lounge area, viewers were encouraged to imagine themselves wearing the handmade garments and experience a world as fabulous or fraudulent as they pleased, juxtaposing the imagined realm of clothing around them with the reality of every day life.

About The Artists

Erin Dobbins and Kurt Eltz are both senior Studio Art majors and candidates for a BFA in Studio Art at Appalachian State University.

Erin Dobbins was born in 1987 and spent her childhood in Charlottesville, Virginia. She lived and worked in Boone, NC where she attended Appalachian State University and received a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in fibers and a BS in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Dobbins learned to sew from her mother and grandmother and made her first outfit at the age of ten years old. She has been fascinated with clothing ever since.

Kurt Eltz was born and raised in Johnston County, North Carolina, and resided in Boone, NC where he was a candidate for a BFA in Studio Art at Appalachian State University. He was interested in fashion, textiles, and psychological studies. He was recognized as having a short temper, bipolar personality, and a taste for applying shocking effects to his art.

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