"Removed" by Serra Shuford

Alexa Cavas

Artist Statement

Suffering and compassion are unable to exist without one another. When cows experience separation with their calves, they go through a mourning period. However, their mourning never ceases. These mother cows never recover from their loss. The world we live in is in constant states of suffering. While is some areas, people are replete with a sense of compassion and support from their community, others are stricken by disaster, war, and separation from things and people they once held dear. The connection between human and animal realms have long been divergent. This exhibition aims to bring these two worlds together, and show that every living thing on Earth deserves a chance to live without suffering.

Artist bio

Serra Shuford was raised in Lawndale, NC and is currently living in Boone, NC while she completes her BFA in Studio Art. Growing up in a small, southern town contributed great influence to her work involving herds of cattle. Her primary medium is painting while also including elements of fibers, sculpture, and other media in her colorful and conceptual installations.


Shuford interned with Katherine Sandoz in Georgia where she assisted with the development of Sandoz’s paintings and fiber based projects. Presently, Shuford is preparing installations for her Senior Exhibition that will be presented in the Looking Glass Gallery and the Smith Gallery located in Boone, NC.


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