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Plemmons Student Union Permanent Art Collections

Statement of Purpose:

The Plemmons Student Union Art Collections present a wide range of art acquired since 1987 and consist of four collections: the Appalachian Artists Collection, the Leigh Lane Edwards Collection, the Nature Photography Collection, and the Dave Robertson Collection. As the first of the collections, the Appalachian Artists Collection began as a means to enrich the Student Union environment while supporting ASU art students and continues today to promote a symbiotic relationship between the Student Union and our student artists. The acquisition of pieces to further these collections is done to enrich the culture exhibited in the Plemmons Student Union and the Appalachian State University campus.




Appalachian Artists Collection

The Appalachian Artists Collection (AAC) is the largest and oldest of the four collections housed in the Plemmons Student Union. The AAC was the vision of Dave Robertson who knew that great student unions need great art representing the talent of the students and faculty of the University. Acquisitions to this collection are added from the purchases of artwork exhibited at the annual Art Department’s Art Expo each Spring semester.


PSU Nature Photography

The meeting rooms and lounges in the PSU are named for prominent natural places and features of the North Carolina mountains. At the door to each lounge area or room hangs a picture of that unique feature of the mountains to help students and visitors gain a greater awareness of the dramatic beauty and splendor of our region which is so intertwined with Appalachian’s identity. The PSU Nature Photography collection is comprised of commissioned photographs by Michael Siede, a former member of the faculty and accomplished nature photographer, and Katie Langley, an Appalachian State alumni and professional photographer currently working the Appalachian area.


Leigh Lane Edwards Collection of Contemporary Art

The Leigh Lane Edwards Collection of Contemporary Art is named for the beloved former student and PSU Looking Glass Gallery curator who passed away prematurely while a student at ASU. This collection is comprised of 28 works of art by 24 artists chosen from 502 submissions in a national purchase awards competition in 1996 to commemorate the new addition and renovation to the Plemmons Student Union. A portrait of Leigh Lane Edwards by Charlie Slack was added to the collection in 2006.


The Dave Robertson Collection

The Dave Robertson Collection (DRC) is the fourth art collection in the PSU and is comprised of art purchased from workshops, competitions, and artist visits at Appalachian State University. In his tenure as Director of Student Programs, Dave made it a priority to continually advance the arts at the PSU starting with his foundation of PSU’s very first art collection (the Appalachian Artists Collection) and his contributions to the growth of the Looking Glass Gallery. This collection was renamed the DRC in Dave’s honor in the spring of 2012. His commitment to the PSU Arts Program over the years is immeasurable, unparalleled, and will be forever appreciated.