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Located in Applachian State University's Student Union, the Looking Glass Gallery serves as a space for ASU emerging artists, alumni, and faculty to exhibit their artwork in a professional setting. The gallery aims to heighten artist recognition and to prepare artists for life outside of a university setting.  In a constantly evolving contemporary art scene, the Looking Glass Gallery is an ideal place to experiment, learn, and succeed in the the art industry. 

The Gallery can be found on the first floor of the Plemmons Student Union Building, directly across from Crossroads Coffeehouse in the International Hallway.

"Removed" by Serra Shuford

Published May 28, 2017 By Alexa Cavas

Artist Statement

Suffering and compassion are unable to exist without one another. When cows experience separation with their calves, they go through a mourning period. However, their mourning never ceases. These mother cows never recover from their loss. The world we live in is in constant states of suffering. While is some areas, people are replete with a sense of compassion and support from their community, others are stricken by disaster, war, and separation from things and people they once held dear. The connection between human and animal realms have long been divergent. This exhibition aims to bring these two worlds together, and show that every living thing on Earth deserves a chance to live without suffering.

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