The Looking Glass Gallery

Located in Applachian State University's Student Union, the Looking Glass Gallery serves as a space for AppState's emerging artists, alumni, and faculty to exhibit their artwork in a professional setting. The gallery aims to heighten artist recognition and to prepare artists for life outside of a university setting. In a constantly evolving contemporary art scene, the Looking Glass Gallery is an ideal place to experiment, learn, and succeed in the the art industry. 

The Gallery can be found on the first floor of the Plemmons Student Union Building, directly across from Crossroads Coffeehouse in the International Hallway.

Gloria by Ant M Lobo

By Aundrea Wilson



GLORIA is an elaborate fiction. A narrative that tells the story of a young boy and his experience with struggle and content. Comfort and conflict. A statement about the death of the adolescent, toeing the line between boyhood and a masculine realization. It is a reality in which the subject is passive, yet confrontational. Windows into intimate moments existing somewhere in a time before or a time after an action of conflict or desire. It is a form of self defense and vulnerability. A dramatic pageant subverting machismo culture and aggression while celebrating its homoerotic subtexts. GLORIA is the story of my identity as a gay man and the men I have encountered. This is the story of coming of age, the loss of innocence, of struggle and pain. This is a story of love and loss, of comfort and conflict.


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