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Gallery Application


Submissions Now Open for Fall 2022 Semester

Submission Deadline: August 26, 2022 (midnight)

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To apply, artists are required to submit the following:

1. Completed Exhibition Proposal Application Form 

2. PowerPoint or Google Slide Presentation containing images, artwork information, artist/exhibition statement, artist(s) biographical information

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the Gallery Committee. They will be returned to the artist and may be resubmitted. Feel free to reach out to the curator to help flesh out ideas or complete the application.

All completed submissions will be reviewed by the Gallery Committee. Exhibition proposals that are rejected will be returned with comments and suggestions for constructing a stronger proposal. Resubmission to the gallery is highly encouraged.


Guidelines for Submission


**Note: Body of work must be enough to fill the gallery. 
Room Dimensions: 36' x 19'  ~  56' linear feet of wall space for art (24' glass wall entrance)
Video will be accepted for video and installation pieces only.

Things To Avoid:
Sending work in different media, unless that work is clearly and coherently related both in idea and form.
Sending unrelated work from various class projects.
Creating an artist’s statement that doesn’t fully explain your concept or leaves questions as to what you are doing and why.
Creating an artist’s statement that does not seem related to the work.
Sending uneven or unedited work; that is, some pieces are very good and others are not well done or well crafted; or three pieces seem to go together visually and/or intellectually and two do not.

Guidelines For Proposed Curated Installations:
If you intend to curate and install an exhibit of artworks outside of your own work, you MUST send images of some of the finished work for the installation and a complete, clear, and understandable explanation of what you intend to do (exceptions noted below). You also need to provide details on exactly what process/methodology you will use, what the form of the installation will be and what the point or idea of the installation is and how the form/process supports it.  Additionally, you will need to provide detailed drawings of the installation within the gallery space.

Curated Installation Proposal should also include the following:
a. Drawings of the space and the objects to be placed within this space.
b. Written description of form, process/methodology and how it relates to your
     overall concept.
c. Slides of work to be used in the installation or permission of the committee to
    substitute other examples of work and a clear and coherent description (see above).
d. Recommendation of two faculty members.

All Applications Must Include:

Preferred dates for exhibit (please indicate any conflicting dates). Delivery/Installations/De-Installations normally takes place on Fridays with exhibits opening the following Friday. Our staff strives to keep each exhibit to 4 weeks in length. Please keep in mind that holidays, University breaks, and inclement weather may play a factor in the timing of opening/closing your show.
A Power Point/Google Slide presentation showing images of work. Please submit 10-15 images in a Power Point or Google Slide presentation of the finished body of work you wish to exhibit. Must include for every image submitted: Artist Name, Title, Date created (i.e.: 2019), size with the width listed first (i.e.: 18” x 24”).  This work should form a cohesive whole and not a sample of various assignments you have done in class or other unrelated pieces. Do not send images of work which you do not intend to exhibit or images of work-in-progress, unless the latter is one or two pieces which can be easily finished by your exhibition date and are clearly related to the finished work. It should also be unified visually, with attention paid to how the form and/or the process support(s) the concept or idea put forth in your Artist’s’ Statement. Instructors who apply to the gallery for class exhibition space should provide images (of finished work or works in progress), an image list, and a conceptual statement.
Artist’s Statement: A brief Artist’s Statement explaining the concept of the exhibit. This should be no more than one page typed and it should have your name and the proposed title of your exhibition at the top of the page.
Artist’s Biographical Information: A short paragraph with the artist's class rank, achievements, and other information. If more than one artist is submitting an application for exhibition, then images, images lists, and artist’s statements from all artists or joint statements must accompany the application.

                                                                                 Explanation of the Selection Process  

Submissions will be reviewed by the Looking Glass Gallery Selection Committee.  Possibilities exist for two-person or group shows as well as one-person shows to be selected by the committee.  All things being equal, preference will be given to graduating students and graduating students with BFA or Thesis requirements.  However, there is no guarantee of acceptance and all decisions by the committee will be final.
If you have any questions concerning the application process or would like more information, please email

                                                                           We look forward to reviewing your submission!