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Current Exhibition Schedule

Meeting Place

April 14-May 6, 2022

Reception: May 4 @ 6-8pm

Artist: Kara Helston

Medium: Photography

LG Haselton Images 11 copy

Artist Statement

Meeting Place is an interactive exhibition centered around the stories of three individuals who currently reside in a Syrian refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. Consisting of photo profiles and video interviews, the exhibition invites the audience to respond to the three subjects. Meeting Place explores how social understanding can be developed through the relationship between photographer, subject, and viewer, all of whom meet at the photograph. 

Artist Bio

Kara Haselton is a senior undergraduate student and Wilson Scholar self-designing a degree in Photojournalism and Social Justice at Appalachian State University. Growing up in Raleigh, NC but born in Taipei, Taiwan, Haselton developed an identity as a third-culture kid influenced by intercultural perspectives. Her work is primarily focused on cross-cultural connections and conversations of identity intertwined with migration and global borders.