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2024 New Acquisitions

We are thrilled to announce our 2024 New Acquisitions for the Appalachian Artists Collection! In 1987, the Plemmons Student Union began purchasing works of art for this collection which features artwork from our wonderful student artists and alumni purchased annually from the Art + Design Expo and occasionally from B.F.A. Senior Shows. When you walk through the Plemmons Student Union, you will see artwork by our students and alumni everywhere you turn.

The PSU Art Committee has once again selected original works of art from the Art + Design Expo to be purchased and accessioned into our Appalachian Artists Collection. Members on the PSU Art Committee this year include: 

  • Olivia Hoagland, student member
  • Hammad Chaudhry, student member
  • Mandy Bass, student member
  • Samantha Oleschuk, student member
  • Jody Servon, Art Department Faculty 
  • Mary Anne Redding, Turchin Center staff 
  • Gabrielle Knight, Turchin Center staff 
  • Crisol Campos, Turchin Center staff 
  • Jim Greene, Plemmons Student Union Director 
  • Ginger Bryant, Executive Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer 
  • Donna Lopp, Assistant Director of Faculty-Led Education Abroad with Office of International Education and Development
  • Dr. Lamont Sellers, Intercultural Student Affairs’ Director

Special thanks to Dr. Lamont Sellers and Intercultural Student Affairs for graciously donated funds to assist in our annual purchase awards.

2024 Plemmons Student Union Purchase Awards

In order of the images below, recipients of the 2024 Plemmons Student Union Purchase Awards are:

  • Addie Low,  Morning Coffee (2023), acrylic on canvas ©Addie Low
  • Lux Nguyen, Untitled (2023), photograph on metallic paper ©Lux Nguyen
  • Brianna Bryson, Charcoal Forest (2023), charcoal on mixed media paper ©Brianna Bryson
  • Kiley Rose Carson, Mystery (2023), media paper and cyanotype chemistry ©Kiley Rose Carson
  • Eve Cardwell, in the quiet i am repaired (2023), unstretched canvas, acrylic paint, and cotton fabric ©Eve Cardwell
  • Morgan Jones, Pomegranate #5 (2023), cast bronze with an acrylic wash and glass stones ©Morgan Jones
  • Elissa Paula, Venus Fly Purse (2023), earthenware with clear glaze and nail polish ©Elissa Paula
  • Kayleigh Briggs, Scaly Night Sky (2023), black block ink print on Stonehenge paper ©Kayleigh Briggs

These artworks are now and forever a part of the Appalachian Artists Collection, For the next year (March 2024-February 2025), all eight of the new acquisitions will be displayed on our New Acquisitions Wall that is now in Wiseman’s Lounge on the second floor of the Student Union. 

Morning Coffee




















Charcoal Forest




















In the quiet i am repaired










Venus Fly Purse







Pomegranete  5
Scaly Night Sky
In addition to our purchase awards, we recognized additional outstanding works of art with Honorable Mention Awards. These honorable mentions were accompanied by generous donations of $50 merchandise cards 
for Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff and $5 gift cards for Espresso News.