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Plemmons Student Union Art Team

The Plemmons Student Union employs several students on the PSU Art Team: the Looking Glass Gallery Curator, the Art Collections Manager, and the Art Assistant (formerly known as the Preparator). These students are responsible for advancing the arts in the facility, including the operations of the gallery and the acquisition and maintenance of our permanent art collections.

IMG 7574  1 Looking Glass Gallery Curator 

Olivia Hoagland

Olivia is a Senior at AppState who is majoring in Art and Visual Culture with a concentration in Art Management and minoring in Communications and Nonprofit Organizations. Olivia is also a member of the Art History Club, the Art Management Organization, and frequently volunteers at the Women's Center in the Student Union. After graduation, she hopes to enroll in graduate school and pursue her career in curatorial and museum studies. 



Samantha Oleschuk Headshot   Samantha OleschukArt Collections Manager

Samantha Oleschuk

Samantha is a Senior in the Honors College at Appalachian State studying Art and Visual Culture with a concentration in Art Management and minors in Nonprofit Organizations and French and Francophone Studies. In addition to working as PSU's Art Collections Manager, she writes visual and performing arts reviews for CVNC. After completing her undergraduate degree, Samantha plans to establish a career in an art museum or nonprofit arts organization.



Hammad photo2Art Assistant

Hammad Chaudhry

Hammad is a Senior at Appalachian State majoring in Art and Visual Culture with a concentration in Art History and a minor in Studio Art. Hammad is also a member of the Art History Club and President of the Muslim Student Association (MSA). After completing his undergraduate degree, Hammad plans to enroll in graduate school and pursue a career in an art museum.




Past Curators, Art Collections Managers, & Art Assistants (formerly Preparator):

Reagan Bullock

Looking Glass Gallery Curator, 2022-2023

Murphy McConnell

Art Assistant, 2022-2023

Madison Tenney

Looking Glass Gallery Curator, 2021-2022

Nate Caroon

Looking Glass Gallery Curator and Art Collections Manager, 2020-2021
Preparator, 2019-2020

Claire Dubnansky

Art Collections Manager, 2019-2020

Gabrielle Knight

Looking Glass Gallery Curator, 2019-2020

Garrett Hawkins

Art Collections Manager, 2017-2018

Ariel Morgan

Looking Glass Gallery Curator, 2015-2017

Ingrid Humphrey

Art Collections Manager, 2014-2015

Erin Taylor

Looking Glass Gallery Curator, 2013-2015

Casey Jordaan

Art Collections Manager, 2012-2014

Sarah Young

Art Collections Manager, 2011-2012

Dianna Loughlin

Looking Glass Gallery Curator, 2010-2012

Tabitha Perryman Becker

Looking Glass Gallery Curator, 2009-2010

Lorelle Rau

Looking Glass Gallery Curator, 2007-2008


Previous Curators:

Steve Severt, Leigh Lane Edwards, Sara Gorden, Beatrice Schneider, and Laura Pepper